Information Technology provides many tools used in rising India. Combining Information Technology & Management generally touches almost all walks of the human lives across the world. Together they are shaping the business practices for not only gaining the competitive edge and advantages but also to bring in more efficiency and effectiveness in the way business is executing now a days. Further, Information Technology is equally finding its applications in other larger domains of world society. The advantages that come with Information Technology & Business also carry various challenges and issues such as Security, Interoperability, Infrastructure, Business Operations, Managerial Challenges and Human aspects. To address various issues related to advancements in Information Technology from business and societal perspectives, this conference is being organized to provide a common platform for the IT and Business Professionals, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Governments, Public Sector Undertaking Officials and Students so that they can discuss, exchange and present their relevant ideas, thoughts and research work towards the eternal mission of greatest good to the humanity.

The overall aim of the conference is to focus on the recent innovation in IT to help enhance the business procedures and automation at the intersection of multi-disciplinary understanding of work culture and IT education.